FretFX Frequently Asked Questions

Q. All guitars are not the same so how do you know exactly where to locate the LEDs?
A. Based on the scale of your instrument, a mathematical formula is used to precisely determine the correct LED locations.
You can click here to see instructions on how to measure the scale.
Q. What if I cannot find space to mount the battery pack anywhere on my headstock?
A. Just return the un-mounted FretFX for a refund minus shipping charges.
Q. Are the LEDs located in the same locations for fretted and fretless basses?
A. Fretted instrument LEDs are centered BETWEEN the frets and fretless bass LEDs are located ON the frets.
(Note - The LEDs begin at the 1st fret position on fretless instruments)
Q. Will FretFX fit on a headless bass like a Steinberger?
A. At this time there is no solution for a lack of headstock mounting space for the battery pack.
Q. Can you make the battery pack connect at the other (bridge) end of the LED array and mount the battery pack somewhere on or inside the body?
A. Due to the design of the fabrication jigs, molds, and the material curing process, FretFX cannot be reverse wired with the battery pack at the other end.
Q. Can I remove FretFX from one guitar and install it on another?
A. The process of removing FretFX will not harm your instrument but will destroy the LED array.
Q. Can I adjust the locations of the LEDs after I receive the product?
A. No, they cannot be re-located within the array so the CORRECT scale must be specified during purchasing.
Q. Do I include the nut itself when measuring for my scale?
A. NO, do not include the nut.
Q. Can I order the LED array separately without the battery pack so I can route my own power from inside the body cavity?
A. FretFX battery packs have a specialized circuit designed to regulate current and extend battery life, which guarantees the correct illumination and prevents random LED failure (burn-out). In an effort to maintain the quality and reputation of our product and it's ability to "perform as advertised", FretFX components are not sold separately.
Q. Will FretFX interfere with a wireless setup on a guitar?
A. Not at all. There is no RF generated by FretFX.
Q. Does the use of lemon oil on the fretboard affect the FretFX array?
A. Lemon oil does not affect the array, as long as you don't soak the adhesive strip with excessive amounts of oil.
Q. How many LEDs can I have in the array?
A. A maximum of 12 LEDs can be driven by the battery pack.
Q. Are the LEDs visible when looking at the front of the instrument?
A. Yes they are somewhat visible from the front, but not nearly to the extent as from the top.