This comparison demonstrates the miniature height of the FretFX  array, as compared to a U.S. dime coin. This magnified view also displays the smooth radiused shape of the array.
A  FretFX  array is a single molded semi-rigid body encapsulating the LEDs, and is mounted along the top edge of an instrument fretboard by means of clear Industrial Strength (translation: will NOT fall off!) tape that has been precisely cut and pre-secured to the flat bottom surface of the array. The procedure for mounting is extremely simple, just peel and stick! Battery packs are secured in the same manner. The clear tape is completely covered by the device and is of sufficient strength to provide the functionality of permanent mounting, but also allows the FretFX array to be installed or removed without harming the instrument.
All FretFX units are shipped fully assembled and equipped with batteries for quick installation and immediate use.