Find your fret positions FASTER & EASIER!

FretFX  were developed to meet the needs of musicians encountering less than optimum stage lighting conditions. Low levels of stage light will usually cause the fret markers along the top of an instrument neck to fade out of sight, leaving the musician without any points of reference during critical passages.

Now with the addition of Patented FretFX  illuminated fret markers, low level lighting conditions are completely irrelevant as the intensely bright LEDs display marked fret positions clearly at all times.

The practice of using LEDs as fret markers has been around for over 38 years now. I received information from legendary guitar designer and builder: Rick Turner (co-founder and ex-president of Alembic Guitars and Basses, currently designing and building the exquisite line of instruments at, that he first installed LEDs in 1971, in a guitar for David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, & Nash). During the same year he installed them in the Alembic bass #001 for Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna). "Thanks for the info Rick!".

Stanley Clarke began playing an LED fret marked Piccolo bass more than 20 years ago.

LEDs have long been commonly ordered upgrades on magnificent Alembic Guitars and Basses, as well as a select few other manufacturer's instruments. These helpful fret markers have always been expensive options due to the need to embed them and their associated wiring/power supply into the woodwork of the neck and body, so most musicians are not familiar with seeing them on factory built guitars. Now for the first time (due to recent advances in sub-miniature LED manufacturing technology), LED fret markers can simply be attached with no modifications necessary to an instrument at anytime after it has been completely assembled. FretFX  is very proud to bring this enhancement to you, and at affordable prices, as it is long overdue that almost everyone can enjoy this feature!

FretFX  are easy to install and do not interfere in any way with the play-ability or the sound of the instrument. There are NO instrument modifications necessary for installation.

One easy to find coin cell battery (#CR2032) will provide more than
30 hours of illumination before replacement is needed. The small size of the coin cell battery makes the pack very lightweight and does not cause "Neck - dive".

FretFX  sells replacement coin cell batteries at wholesale prices with FREE shipping in the USA!

Notice! -->  FretFX    LEDs appear to have a bright white or yellow center when photographed, this is due to the limitations of current camera technology. FretFX  will only appear as Red, Blue, or Green to the naked human eye.

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